Gold price in Hong Kong Today

Hong Kong gold price today

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How to check and buy gold from jewelers:

Nowadays it’s an essential one for many people. If you are buying gold from jewelers then you should compare the rate, making charges and purity with many jewelers. Many people are keen only in designs were that will not give importance to quality. Moreover we recommend you not to buy any gold jewels that have more stones were you don’t get a proper resale value for it.

What are the various Gold Jewellery Colours sold in Hong Kong?

Gold jewellery in Hong Kong are in various colors such as Yellow Gold which is the popular color used in jewellery in Hong Kong Jewellery shops, White Gold, Rose Gold, Green Gold are also sold in Hong Kong jewellery shops.

How to invest in Gold?

There are many options to invest your money in gold. We would recommend you to invest your money in gold bonds and coins. You also can choose for best jewelers monthly gold scheme.

Gold Unit Gold Rate in Hong Kong Dollar
Gram 24K 494.53 HKD
Gram 23K 473.93 HKD
Gram 22K 453.32 HKD
Gram 21K 432.72 HKD
Gram 18K 370.90 HKD
Gram 16K 329.69 HKD
Gram 14K 288.48 HKD
Gram 12K 247.27 HKD
Gram 10K 206.06 HKD
Gram 9K 185.45 HKD
Gram 8K 164.84 HKD
Gram 6K 123.63 HKD